Writers from the writers club spreading words of affection

Words of affection will stay on this page for one week.  

Each Monday we will release our writers responses to a different word or phrase.


Affection and I


Contagious like an infection
A medicine putting me at ease
Love flows through all my veins
The harder and tighter you squeeze

It comforts me like a blanket
Energising my weary soul
It travels around my body
Filling each and every hole

With love, joy and satisfaction
This affection that you show
Really does pick me up
When I am feeling low

So thank you for all the times
You've treated me so tenderly
Even just a genuine smile
Is like a heavenly gift to me

by Rachel Overd



Love's second cousin
When Affection goes out she wears her slippers to the shops.
She smiles at dogs
Takes tea with Grace
She may be soft as an eyelid
But don't doubt her muscularity.
Affection can parry Spite's thrust
Hush Envy's mouth
Dress Fury's wounds.
Affection can unpick the stitches of Self's uniform

And blunt the blade of Extremism.
Imagine this:
A stocking at Christmas
Into which a child's arm plunders
Never reaching the end.
That's how deep Affection goes.


by Pete Talman